Water Pressure Reducer (Regulator) is produced for preventing the damages that may occur in plumbing systems and devices connected to these systems via reducing the pressure of the high-pressure mains water.

Water Pressure Reducers (Regulators):
1 - It prevents explosion of plumbing systems and breakdown of armatures due to pressure.
2 - It prevents damages of water hammer.
3 - It prevents the noise caused by pressured water.
4 - It saves water due to maintaining pressure balance. 25% of water was saved in total consumption when we reduced the pressure of 7.8 bars to 3 bars in our laboratory tests.
5 - It protects your washing machines, dish washers, combi boilers and water heaters from the harms of pressured water.

The factory-exit pressure is adjusted to 3 bars and may be adjusted between 1-6.5 bars via the adjusting mechanism in special cases. Products with manometer are recommended in terms of observing the exit pressure.

It is not used for air and gas since it is produced just for water.


  • Identification Dimension = 2" (With IT-ET plunger)
  • Body = Brass
  • Plating = Nickel
  • Sealing gasket = NBR
  • Springs = Steel (Dacromet Coating)
  • Plastic Parts = PA6 GF30
  • Input pressure = 1-16 (bars)
  • Output pressure = 1-6.5 (bars)
  • Factory output pressure = 3 (bars)
  • Max. Temperature = 30 °C
  • Standard = TS EN 1567


  • Water storage tanks inlets
  • Equipment needing fixed pressure (hospitals, schools, etc.)



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