It is produced to automatically discharge the air formed inside the plumbing system in closed circuit heating systems operating with water. Since the air in the system prevents flow, the system does not operate healthily and surfaces not contacting with water are deformed more quickly. Automatic Air Discharge Device (Purger) eliminates these problems and increases performance of recirculation.

The product should be installed to the upper points of the system and in vertical position in order to operate well.

Automatic air discharge device (purger) is never used for pressure discharge.



  • Identification Dimension = 1/2" (With ET plunger)
  • Body = Brass
  • Plating = Nickel
  • Sealing gasket = NBR
  • Springs = Inox
  • Float = PA6
  • Max. working pressure = 10 (bars)
  • Max. Temperature = 110 °C
  • Standard = TS EN 7817


  • Central heating systems
  • Combined water and central heating boilers
  • Closed circuit systems



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