Water Heater Safety Valves are mechanisms used for discharging the high pressure formed in water heaters and limiting it into a predetermined value. It prevents damage to water heaters due to high pressure and dangerous situations that may occur.

What is the benefit of the clamp in the Water Heater Safety Valve with Lever?
- Enables intervening the system to prevent calcification caused by time between discharge nozzle and sealing gasket which realize the discharge procedure via opening and closing the clamp.
- Enables controlling the system against the probability of blocking the safety valve discharge holes by objects such as lime, sand, gravel in the plumbing system.
- When you open and close the clamp, water will drop off the valve discharge nozzle. If there is no dropping, please call the technical service.


  • Identification Dimension = 1/2" (With IT plunger)
  • Body = Brass
  • Plating = Nickel
  • Sealing gasket = NBR
  • Springs = Inox
  • Plastic Parts = PA6, PA6 GF30
  • Identification pressure = 1-10 (bars)
  • Discharge pressure = 6-7-8-9-10 (bars)
  • Safety pressure = 13 (bars)
  • By-Pass = 0,5 (bars)
  • Max. Temperature = 110 °C
  • Standard = TS EN 1489


  • Water heaters
  • Boilers
  • Electrical-storage water heaters



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